With the brand image of safety, comfort and oil efficiency, we continuously achieve breakthroughs in domestic and international high-end heavy truck market.

C&C Trucks

Located in the Sanshan Economic Development Zone in Wuhu City, Anhui Province, C&C Trucks Co., Ltd. (C&C Trucks) is one of the enterprises controlled by China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. (CIMC) and is a large and heavy truck provider engaged in the R&D, manufacturing, sales, service and parts production.

 The Company has five national first-rate production lines respectively involving punching-welding, coating, frame, final assembly and commissioning. The main production and testing equipment have reached national advanced level and heavy trucks mainly include traction vehicle, mixer truck, dump track, powder tanker and LNG vehicle. Over the past few years, by virtue of premium quality and brand image of “safe, conformable and fuel efficient”, the Company has won many awards (Championship of China International Truck Fuel Saving Competition 2013 & 2014, China’s Tractor of the Year 2015, and China’s Fuel Efficient Tractor of the Year 2015 ) in the Chinese market and well received among customers.

LNG heavy trucks, tractors, dumper trucks, mixer trucks and trucks

C&C Trucks Co., Ltd.

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    Lianhe Building No. 2, Eqiao Road, Sanshan Economic Development Zone, Wuhu, Anhui Province
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