A leader in the global semi-trailer industry


CIMC Vehicles (Group) Co., Ltd. began to manufacture and sell semi-trailers in 2002, and have been the world’slargest semi-trailer manufacturer in terms of total sales volume for five consecutive years since 2013. In China, we ranked first in the semi-trailer industry by sales volume of semi-trailers in 2017; and in North America, our principal overseas market, we ranked among the top five semi-trailer manufacturers in 2017 in terms of sales volume of semi-trailers.

We believe "global operation, local knowledge" has been our most valued competitive advantage and the key to our continued growth and leading position in the global semi-trailer industry.

Currently, CIMC Vehicles had over 600 research and development personnel globally. We held over 700 patents on our products and technologies globally, and also led or actively participated in the development of 14 national and industrial standards in China.

We have been upgrading and improving our manufacturing practices and processes, focusing on modularized designs and automated production. From 2014, CIMC Vehicles started a series of technology upgrading projects such as "Light Tower" plants for our own subsidiaries.

CIMC Vehicles will continuously enhance the technology inputs, makes the technology innovation as the power source of technology upgrading, creates the values for the company sustainably.

Key Businesses

CIMC Vehicles primarily engage in the manufacture and sale of semi-trailers and truck bodies for specialty vehicles. Our semi-trailer product lines mainly include chassis and flatbed trailers, fence trailers, tank trailers, refrigerated trailers and van trailers,and our truck body products mainly include dump beds for dump trucks, mixers for mixer trucks and other truck bodies for specialty vehicles. In 2017, we launched the first generation center-axle car carriers in China.

CIMC Vehicles market and sell an extensive range of semi-trailers and truck bodies in China, North America, Europe and other regions covering over 40 other countries. We market and sell our products in China under the "CIMC", "CIMC Tonghua", "CIMC Huajun", "Ruijiang Vehicles", "Dongyue Vehicles" and "Lingyu Vehicles" brands, and outside China under the "CIMC", "Vanguard", "SDC" and "LAG" brands.

Chassis and flatbed trailers, fence trailers, tank trailers, refrigerated trailers, van trailers, dump beds for dump trucks, mixers for mixer trucks

CIMC Vehicles (Group) Co., Ltd.

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